The return of WE ARE FURY: new music and goals

WE ARE FURY are back on the release radar with the song "Remember" featuring emlyn along with new plans and goals.

The Canadian duo formed between Joachim Speidel & Stuart Brookes, professionally known as WE ARE FURY, They are back. Joachim is originally from South America, and it was in 2013 that he moved to Vancouver to further his academic pursuits. Later when he dropped out of college in his sophomore year to pursue music production, he began collaborating with Stuart. In 2016 they formed the duo and began releasing music.

With their name echoing more and more in various parts of the world, WE ARE FURY, have released in recent years, a large amount of music. In 2020, they released their debut studio album called duality, made up of a total of 15 productions.

For them, as for many others, the year 2020 was something very unexpected. They had big plans in mind for the album release duality, but they had to discard them and plan from scratch. They believe that overall, it made them think critically about the different ways in which they could capitalize on the line and continue to grow their audience. They focused a lot on communities like YouTube, Discord and Twitch. They grew up quickly and that was rewarding, but the adaptation process was difficult.

They wanted to do an event for the premiere of album, but due to circumstances that nobody expected, they had to adapt to the platforms mentioned above.


Regarding shows, they were offered two North American tours at the end of 2019. Due to logistics, travel and visa problems, they could not do the first, but the second supporting ARMNHMR. They were on two dates, Philadelphia and Detroit, and the rest of the tour was canceled. They felt that they did not know if it was bad luck, but what if it was a very sad moment for them, since it was the first time they traveled to U.S., to act like WE ARE FURY. It is a very expensive and complicated process for Canadian or international artists to perform in the USA, so it affected them a lot. 

The cancellation of the tour was quite complex moments for the producers, economically speaking: flights, hotels and visas. Fortunately, they were able to recover the vast majority and it was not a lost cause. It wasn't all bad times, since the album's release duality was a hit and they had tracks on SiriusXM, about 8 publishers on Spotify, including 3 songs from the official playlist of League of Legends. In addition, they had the support of important industry brands such as Brownies & Lemonade and Ultra Music Festival, in the same week of the launch, it was something unreal for them.


The lack of events has affected fans in both negative and positive ways at the same time, shares WE ARE FURY. It was a drastic change where the events, which are a very important aspect for many people, were eliminated. They believe that this in itself generated more desire and hunger to discover new artists, and appreciate the artists who continued to release music during the pandemic.

They have known how to take advantage of the negative and ensure that within the bad, there was light. This is something that not all artists have been able to do and they have seen this opportunity to continue growing in other ways.

They think the album duality, helped them a lot to define what their strengths and weaknesses were, both as producers and as lyrical composers. They compose or co-compose most of their lyrics, and they think this is something that makes them promote, from most electronic music producers. They found that they shine much brighter in dark songs, in terms of converting fans of WE ARE FURY, and not just of a particular genre.

Their priority from now on and by 2022 is to continue creating the world of WE ARE FURY, and in general, they are focusing on creating heavier and less melodic productions. They have a Unreleased EP influenced by the trap, which is yet to be finished, which focuses on a trip to hell. After they finish it, they will continue to focus on their second studio album.

They have started the second album, but it will not begin to come out until the end of 2022. At the moment they are focused on this new EP, and some collaborations with other artists, among them Nikademis and if found. They have seen that certain collaborations have helped them create from a different angle, and they are proud of how these collaborations have turned out.


For WE ARE FURY, going against the current comes naturally. Joachim shares that “They have always believed in ownership and saw how many of their songs were rejected by record companies from the beginning. Which led them to edit them, and those productions became the most popular ». This made them realize that there was something there, and that you must build your artist project to be self-sufficient. So that your audience and your fans are truly yours.

They return with the production called Remember, with the vocalist emlyn. This song was written around the same time as duality, but it wasn't finished until a year later. The idea behind this was to have this bass line with a nostalgic sound and a fresh voice.

Founding a record label is within the producers' plans, but for the moment, they have to continue growing as WE ARE FURY, and also demonstrate the weight that your audience brings in independent releases. Have gotten close to 15 million views on Spotify, without any record labels and that's a great sign of what works for them. Over the past few weeks, they have signed with Create Music Group for independent releases.

Better return impossible and with great long-term plans. Listen to the new production of the producers on all platforms WE ARE FURY with the vocalist emlyn, under the name of Remember. A new era has just begun for them, and this is just the beginning.

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