REBiRTH announces full line up for 2024

REBiRTH Festival has announced full line-up for 2024 with D-Sturb taking over mainstage on the final day.

The most-expected festival in the Netherlands once the year has started is finalizing the details for its next edition. Under the theme 'Discover The Mayhem', REBiRTH Festival will kick off the festival season again with a line up of absolute luxury during April 12, 13 and 14 in Haaren. Numerous versus, album showcases and many lives to reveal and discover.


Currently, the REBiRTH brand is growing in leaps and bounds. The first day of the festival will be increased to 4 areas, while Sunday will present RESiST, a new uptempo area. Also includes the REBELLiON stage, which will feature rawstyle artists. A few days ago, own D- Sturb he announced at REBELLiON that he will be the one who will host the mainstage on the last day of the festival.

· Phase 1:

Act Of Rage pres. Entourage, Act of Rage vs Rejecta, Adaro, Adaro Classics, Alleviate, Anderex vs Fraw, Angerfist Live, Bmberjck vs Exproz vs Sparkz, Bulletproof vs Partyraiser, Crypsis Classics, Cyber, D-Block & S-te-Fan, D-Fence pres. Dopamine, Deluzion, Deluzion pres. Paranoid, Dimitri K, Fraw Live, Josh & Wesz Classics, Maxtreme, MC DL, MC Livid, Mutilator, Mutilator vs. Warface, Noxiouz vs Satirized, Outsiders, Rejecta pres. Reject Authority, Rosbeek, Satarized, Solstice, Sparkz, Titan Classics and Vertile.

· Phase 2:

Adrenalize vs Galactixx, Angernoizer, Cryex, Cryex vs E-Force, D-Charged, Degos & Re-Done Classics, Dj Thera vs Geck-o Classics, DRS, Element, Element vs Luminate, EMS: The Hardstyle Family, Galactixx, Hard Driver, Jones Classics, Jur Terreur vs Tukkertempo, Kenai Live, Krowdexx, Lost Melodies, Luner, Major Conspiracy, MC Flo, MC Synergy, N-Vitral, Nosferatu, Pl4y, R3t3p, Stormerz, Vasto and Yoshiko.

· Phase 3:

Adjuzt pres. NXTGEN, Adjuzt vs Devin Wild vs The Purge, Barber, Barber vs Spitnoise Live, Bloodlust pres. The Assassination, Boray, Code Black, Deadly Guns pres. Thunder In Paradise, Deadly Guns vs Elite Enemy vs Heavy Damage, Black Reaper Showcase, Demi Kanon, Derek Shots, Dj H4zel, Dreamscape by The Purge & Adjuzt, F-Noize vs Soulblast, Glitch, GPF, Irradiate pres. Atomic Warfare, Juliex Live, Lunakorpz, Malice, Malice pres. My Therapy, Marco Schuitmaker, MC Da Syndrome, MC Robs, Miss K8, Odium, Resolute, Sound Rush pres. Destination, Spitnoise, The Dark Horror vs Spiady, The Purge pres. Beyond Trippin’ and Unlocked.

· Phase 4:

Atmozfears pres. Abstrakt, Atmozfears vs Audiotricz Classics, Audiotricz & Ecstatic pres. Progressive Hardstyle, AVI8, Spoontechnicians, Chapter V, The Smiler & Repeller, Collusion vs Unload, Cryogenic, Devin Wild pres. The Innergame, Doris pres. Elixir, Ecstatic, Feestnation, Grindkiller, Griever v Sanctuary, Jay Reeve pres. Melodic Madness, Jay Reeve Reevolution Live, Killshot, Maksum & Danstan, Manifest Destiny, Primeshock. Lets Get This Party Started, Ran-D pres. Untamed, Rooler, T-Gp vs Vandal!sm, The Dope Doctor pres. S.O.S, Trespaseed, Unproven, Unresolved pres. Bad Blood, Unresolved X YRS, Villain, Wesly Bronkhorst and Zany vs The Pitcher Classics.

· Phase 5:

Abaddon & Mc Raise pres. Fallen Angel, Abaddon vs Manifest Destiny vs Unproven, Aversion, Avio Classics, Da Tweekaz, Digital Punk Classics, Dr. Peacock Album Showcase, Envine Frequencerz Classsics, Frontliner Classics, Gunz For Hire pres. Welcome to Sin City, High Voltage Classics, Inpulsa, Jeffrey Heesen, JNXD, Kruelty, Kruelty vs So Juice, Max Enforcer Classics, Mc Activate, Mc Focus, Mc Raise, Mish, Mutilator & Anderex pres. Neon Future, Noisecult Classics, Regain, Sickmode, Sickmode & Mish pres. Rave Love, Smerrig Diskjochies, The Straikerz pres. Jackpot Live, Turfy Gang, Voidax, Warface R.I.P Rave From the Grave, Wasted Penguinz and Zelecter Classics.

· Phase 6:

Apex pres. The Brotherhood, Astronomics Classics, B-Front 20 years, B-Front x Phuture Noize: The Enlightenment, Bloodlust vs D-Sturb, Buren Van De Brandweer, Chain Reaction Minus is More Special Live, Deezl & So Juice pres. Cybergore, D-Sturb & Vertile – Best of Both, D-Sturb pres. Legacy, D-Sturb Special Premiere, D-Sturb vs Rebelion, Dual Damage, Dual Damage Live, Ephoric, Fuze, Gezellige Uptempo pre. One Year of Gezelligheid, Guus Doggen, Imperatorz, Imperatorz pres. Outta CNTRL, Invector, Level One vs Nightcraft, Omnya Live, Phuture Noize, Rebelion, Rebelion Live, Riot Shift, Scarra pres. Face of Violance, Sefa, Tha Watcher, The Chemicals of Noxiouz Live, The Vision Classics, Thyron and Tivwel.

The distribution of artists by day and stage is now available in its website. If you want to purchase a ticket for the festival, you can check the options available so far here. Bundle up and enjoy one of the biggest hardstyle festivals you'll find in the Netherlands!

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