Qlimax: Showtek's big comeback

Qlimax celebrated what was possibly the best edition in recent years with the return of Showtek as the main protagonists.

It was one of the most special editions of Qlimax and was completely up to the expectations generated. Disciples from all over the world gathered again in one of the temples of hardstyle music as GelreDome. Some other 'leak' of the stage on pages like Reddit already indicated us that for Qlimax was a special day and that the staging was going to be from another world. Night of classics, of pure hardstyle, of the consecration of the 'Shadow Priests' and of course, of the return of Showtek.


The hype created by Qlimax is out of this world. Before even starting the festival, the queues are stratospheric. Not knowing what is going to happen, not even the schedules themselves, means that GelreDome is almost full in the early hours. This is the magic of the festival, along with its mystical theme.

15 years later, Showtek returned to Qlimax, and not for a unique set. After playing several IDs with DJ Isaac, Wildstylez or Sub Zero Project, they announced that they will release a hardstyle album in 2024. Unbeatable. As they said in our exclusive interview with them, 'just be patient'. An energetic set from start to finish, which, obviously, will not be the last.

Compared to last year, the curtain also worked to project new visuals at the festival and so it was with 'Enter The Void'. Making very little noise, Hard Driver has been able to make both a Defqon.1 Closing Theme and a Qlimax anthem. A brutal opportunity for an artist who never misses them. 5 new tracks, including the long awaited collab with Sub Zero Project. A feature that was also used a lot by Devin Wild and Warface and that added one more point to a fantastic set by both of them in their debut as main artists.


After many collabs together, it finally had to happen. B-Front and Phuture Noize came together under a new project The Enlightenmentwhich saw the light, never better said, at Qlimax. A review of their entire career together, intertwined with their new IDs. The last ID ('Follow The Light'?) was possibly one of the best premieres of this edition. Vertile, on the other hand, bet for a set according to what he has been playing in the last months, with 'Eyes Open' or 'Goodbye' as the most expected tracks by the fans.

Cryex, The Purge & Adjuzt were the 'shadow priest' of this edition. A recognition to 3 artists who have grown by leaps and bounds in the last year. A night they will never forget. The Qreator was also one of the surprises of the night, with a set that mixed both classics and more recent tracks.

Speaking of classics, Deepack were in charge of starting this edition of Qlimax with the famous curtain behind them. A perfect session to start with a nod to their anthem 'The Prophecy'. Later, Brennan Heart brought out the machine gun of IDs under his aka Blademasterz, added to classics like 'Imaginary' that never seems to get old. TNT, masters and lords of 'reverze bass' teleported us between genres and finally Deadly Guns put the final note as the hardcore artist chosen to close this edition.


If you want to attend Qlimax at some point, you can consult our guide on how to attend from Spain, with tips and recommendations on how to get to the festival, plus all the options offered by the festival. Don't miss the opportunity to go to the most thematic and mystical Q-dance festival!

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