Nuklear: the new hard party that is born in Seville

The Pandora room will host the first hard party in Seville on December 1st with Nuklear, who brings us Rebelion, Frontliner and Yeyo.

Impressive day for those who are passionate about hard music in the south of Spain! There new PANDORA room in Seville just launched Nuclear, his new brand of hard music. It is an open secret that this genre is gaining ground and that more and more promoters dare to celebrate parties of this style. However, there are still regions in the country that are reluctant to host events or sounds of this type. In Andalusia, the presence of hard events was practically non-existent... Until now, thanks to the arrival of Nuklear to Seville, where a night with 2 international DJs very well known in the hard scene. We could say that we will have the part of seniority, and what is yet to come with these two artists, in what will be a night to remember in Seville.

The first edition is just a week away and is headed by the Scottish duo Rebellion, one of the duos of the current hard scene. Gary and Raymond They are immersed in their new project 'The Second Dose' that will see the light next November 24th and they will captivate the public with their more xtra raw side, thanks to those edits and remixes of their songs that further raise the level of their productions.

Share the poster with Frontliner, an artist who has been at the top of the hardstyle universe for over a decade. In addition to creating a new alias "alter ego", this year we have finally been able to enjoy their long-awaited album by B-Front "B-Frontliner". This session promises to be another memorable experience as the hardest styles debut on Pandora. To complete this trio of aces, we have Yeyo, from Madrid, resident of 150 in Fabrik and an artist in excellent form who has had the honor of performing at festivals such as Defqon. one

The beginning of Nuklear looks very promising, 2 of the best DJs of the hard scene will be in Seville on December night, where if everything goes well, we may be facing the birth of a great project for the national hard scene. Let's hope that the next December 1 It will be a day to remember in Seville, until then, you can purchase your tickets by clicking on the following link!