Nora en Pure reappears with her new song "Tantrum"

Nora en Pure returns with her new song "Tantrum", full of euphoric and racial sounds, again via Enormous Tunes.

It has only been a month since the South African Nora in Pure delighted us with her latest song called Life on Hold. This time, the DJ and producer reappears with a new single, called tantrum, which launches again under the record label Huge Tunes.

Even though Nora en Pure has her own record label called Purified records, It is common for her to release music by other labels. The chosen one, Enormous Tunes, Is property of Chris Reece.

The new song of Nora in Pure, tantrum, is full of euphoric sounds, full of magic. As usual, the song is accompanied by a sweet vowel, with Hindu nuances. Some of the notes from tantrum they remind the subject Aquatic, launched this same 2021, with which it seems to complete a cycle.

We know that Nora in Pure loves both DJing and producing. She has been on a continuous tour since July mainly in the US, but it does not prevent her from continuing to release new songs. She recently held his own event called purified, in Washington. Little by little the name of the South African is one of the most requested in festivals around the world.

The new song of Nora in Pure, Tantrum has sounded at quite a few events this summer. In the past DAY.MVS Festival, in San Diego, she announced that new music would be available very soon. Throughout these days we have seen her in Las Vegas, Chicago, Cincinnati, San Francisco, McAllen, and Miami. We really want her to tour Europe soon and hopefully Spain too.

Along with her delicious music, she performs weekly with a program that she performs every Monday on his YouTube channel. For lovers of melodic techno and deep house, its program of Purified radioIt's one of the best things about Monday.