Nora En Pure returns with her new EP "Oblivion / Thermal"

Nora En Pure, the queen of Deep House, returns to offer us a new EP of 2 songs through Enormous Tunes, after her latest EP "Monsoon".

Why make individual releases when you have enough creativity and quality to release EPs made up of 2 or more works of art? This is what may come to mind after listening to «Oblivion / Thermal«, the new EP of Nora En Pure through Enormous Tunes. This one comes after the great success of her previous EP «Monsoon«, at the beginning of the year.

«Oblivion» is the most energetic song on this new EP, perfectly designed with the aim of enjoying it on the dance floors. On "Thermal«, on the other hand, predominate the characteristic and emotional piano chords to which the artist has accustomed us so well. This theme provides the perfect soundtrack to relax and unwind.

Nora En Pure continues to work tirelessly in recent months. To his continuous releases we must add a new livestream from Graubünden, in Switzerland. A spectacular location for a spectacular set in which, unfortunately, the two songs on this EP are not included, but many other songs by the South African DJ and producer are included. Daniela has also had time to enter the digital art world and, in association with HVY from HEAVY Studio, they have released their first NFT collaboration with two free and reactive to audio NFTs.

Below you can listen to the new EP of Nora En Pure.

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