Nora En Pure releases her new song "Life on Hold"

Nora En Pure returns to delight with a new song full of magical sounds called "Life on Hold" through Enormous Tunes.

Fans of melodic techno and deep house, we are in luck every time Nora En Pure pops up with a new topic. The South African Dj and producer has just released a new single via Enormous Tunes called Life on Hold.

As usual, this track has elements that are already her own brand. A soft vowel accompanies sounds full of melody and good vibes. This time Nora En Pure has released this song under the label Enormous Tunes, property of Chris Reece, with whom she had already collaborated.


Life on Hold was one of the IDs that we have been able to listen to Nora En Pure in these last sets she's DJing. In the past DAY.MVS Festival, in San Diego, announced that this would be the next topic to unveil. What has surprised her followers is that he has done it without time to rest, since she is currently on tour. What we know is that Nora En Pure loves both DJing and producing, and excels in both facets.

The United States is one of the countries where festivals have completely returned, and Nora En Pure is one of the most requested names. Throughout these days we can see her in Las Vegas, Chicago, Cincinnati, San Francisco, McAllen, Washington or Miami. Its deep and melodic sounds will surely delight the audience, and Life on Hold will sound in these sets.

In addition, all this is combined weekly with a program that he performs every Monday on her YouTube channel. For lovers of melodic techno and deep house, her program of Purified radio, is the best way to start the week.