Nora En Pure pays tribute to the oceans with «Aquatic»

Nora En Pure offers us her particular vision of the oceans with her new release «Aquatic», through Enormous Tunes.

Nora En Pure is a very special artist. Her music always strongly connects with nature, her great source of inspiration. The titles of some of their releases point in the same direction, as was the case with Monsoon or «Wetlands». If that was not enough, in the livestreams she has done during this difficult time, she has always chosen locations with a special magic in Switzerland. One more sample of her connection with nature.

On this occasion, we must talk about “Aquatic”, her new release via Enormous Tunes. The next June 8th is World Oceans Dayand Daniela wanted to honor our incredible oceans and their inhabitants. She planned this launch with a non-profit organization, Beneath The Waves, which focuses on the conservation of threatened species and marine protected areas. The song, once again, bears the recognizable signature of Nora En Pure from the first second. Piano chords are unmistakable, as is the structure of the song and its melody.

The queen of Deep House continues with her perfect trajectory, filling the Enormous Tunes catalog with high-quality releases. We are sure that she will find more inspiration in nature soon. In the meantime, you can relax by listening to «Aquatic» below.

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