Unexist, Tommyknocker and Art of Fighters present their new project

Three great Hardcore figures announce their new proposal, a platform that changes everything known so far: NMK2 .

Three artists who together add up to more than three hundred songs and performances around the globe. Now, they have come to propose a change of scenery to the entire scene and connect with their audience. Art of fighters, Tommyknocker y Unexists present NMK2 New Millennium.

One of the main reasons for the creation of this platform is the neglect of music and the current relevance to image and sponsorship. With NMK2 It is intended to vindicate the music values, Millennium Hardcore values. For this it is proposed put aside social media and give way to interaction with the public on other platforms such as Discord, but with their own servers. A space where the public can interact, removing the fashions of Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

«We don't care how loud, fast or slow a song is. We care about the depth of emotion and strength that the true art behind the music can convey. »(NMK2, 2021)
What does NMK2 feature?

Within the NMK 2 platform you will find three different sections: - NMK 2 Music: The main project is the new album «New Millennium». On the other hand, several artists who are not willing to follow the standards imposed by current record companies. - nmacademy: A music production school where you can learn from the great legends of Hardcore. - NMK2Connect: A space where you can interact with the different producers / Dj's like never before.

Being a independent platform, this will work with financial contributions from their followers. In NMK2 you will find the different financing packages of the platform. With these packs you will have access to classes Online about music production, merchandise or vinyl of your next album.

With this new creation a new paradigm on how the recording world might work later on. We will be attentive to the new updates that are presented in NMK2.