Reinier Zonneveld announces Karren Maar Festival

Reinier zonneveld presents Karren Maar festival, will attempt to break the world record for the longest live set at the Stadsblokken in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Reinier Zonneveld will return with his new Karren Maar Festival and will take over the historic Stadsblokken in Arnhem (The Netherlands) Saturday August 5. Named after his trademark phrase, the festival will see Reinier Zonneveld as the only artist on the main stage. The second area will be hosted by his seal Filter On Acid. In this event Reinier will try to break his own personal record and break the world record for the longest live set in history.

Zonneveld will bring all his studio equipment for the Karren Maar Festival and will treat fans to an extended live set featuring well-known classics, as well as many previously unreleased tracks, mixed with impromptu creations. Zonneveld's label, Filth On Acid, will present the second edition, bringing new talents and established artists to the scene.

«I can't wait to take things to the next level with the Karren Maar Festival this year. I don't usually get the chance to do such a long show at a festival, and that makes me even more excited to rave about 25,000 apersistent at my own festival this summer.» – Reinier Zonneveld

Tickets are on sale from March 9, fans were able to pre-register for tickets through website.