Interview with Radical Redemption

We had the chance to speak with Radical Redemption, one of rawstyle's biggest artists, about all of his new projects.

One of the greatest exponents of rawstyle. This is how we could define Joey Van Ingen aka Radical Redemption. After living possibly one of the most intense years due to the launch of his new show The Orchestra of Eternity, his new label Redemption Records and his new track 'Brutal X', we've been able to sit down with him to ask some questions.


1. Hi Joey, it's a pleasure to have you here with us! Based on your recent release, Brutal X, it's possibly the final touch to the saga of 'Brutal' that you have been creating over the last few years. How would you define them?

Thanks for having me! Well let’s start with stating that the Brutal saga is eternal, I will never stop making Brutals. Brutal started as a concept to make more ‘experimental’ music. So I would experiment with sounds, vocals, kicks, arrangement, basically everything. Nowadays I don’t consciously ‘start’ on a Brutal track. As I am working in the studio, I just feel, this is something that could be the next Brutal.

2. Let's say that this last one is more special since you have been integrating several elements of other 'Brutal'. At what point did you decide to combine them all into a single track?

That is just what happens when you are working in the studio. A track like that forms itself. You just need to let the music speak to you. When that happens, the most beautiful creations are formed, really. You feel so comfortable, and everything just falls in place. At that point I just knew I wanted to use all those signature sounds that made Brutal into what it is now.

3. Difficult question. If you had to choose a single Brutal out of the 10 you have created, which one would it be? And why?

For me that would be Brutal 3.0, because that was the first Brutal that made the crowd go…. WTF IS THIS?! I stil remember playing it for the first time at Dominator, seeing all those faces. Yeah, Brutal 3.0 is a special one for me.

4. You are at a new stage in your career in which you have announced a new album, your own label, and a new live-act in which you will be accompanied by your own orchestra. How have you managed it?

Well, it wasn’t easy to be honest. A lot of work, a lot of meetings, a lot of people involved in creating all those things. You have a certain vision and you want to make that reality. But eventually you need to be determined. Don’t let people tell you you can’t do it. Don’t get distracted. Keep your eyes on the price. Believe in yourself and make it happen. Let success do the talking.

5. Let's talk a little bit about your next album. Is there an estimated release date? Will it include new collabs or some of your thematic tracks, or will it only consist of solo releases?

The most important thing is that the music is finished in the way I am happy with. We are aiming to release the album before the end of 2023, but it could also be February/March 2024. It will include collabs, single tracks, but also tracks I will record with my ‘Orchestra of Eternity’. Really, really exciting things are happening. Breaking boundaries and let the music evolve. 

In the meantime we will keep releasing new Radical Redemption singles on Redemption Records. After Brutal X, last Friday we also released my second single ‘Kyrie Eleison’. Something completely different than Brutal, but it has the signature Radical Redemption feeling, if you ask me!


6. Regarding the orchestra, combining your own music with live instruments is quite an upgrade in your musical career. Although it's finally official now, you have done this kind of set before on a smaller scale; at what point did you think it was going to be a complete success?

I always tell people, I don’t think about money when I play, write music, or work on a new concept. For me, it is all about being able to create something, that will take people to another world. To create an experience, a story. Something that takes your breath away. That is the ultimate goal for me. It is what keeps my juices flowing, what gives me unlimited energy. There basically are no limits, that is the beautiful thing about creating.  

I just started my new concept Radical Redemption & his Orchestra of Eternity. It is the last concept I created together with my dad, before he passed away in August 2021. So it was incredibly special to do that first show at Freshtival last month. But, it really is just the beginning of this concept. I am planning to take this all over the world. I want people to experience what happens when you combine the beauty of an orchestra, with the power of hard dance music. Seeing is believing, when it comes to this show.

7. 'Brutal X' was also the debut release on your label, Redemption Records. What future plans do you have for it? Will you also feature other artists from the scene?

The most important thing for me, is to get the whole label up and running first. It started with finding the right people, people that understand what I want to achieve with the label. That share a certain vision. That know the music industry as a whole, and not only the hard dance industry. 

Now that is done, we started to release new music. The first release being Brutal X. We are going to release some more Radical Redemption tunes first. As I said, last Friday we released the second single ‘Kyrie Eleison’. This way we can ‘test drive’ the label, see if everything is running smoothly. If so, we will look for artists that will be a right fit for the label and everything it stands for!

8. Finally, a more personal question. There is not a day when we don't see you with Nolz or the shows of love and support between you and Act of Rage. What do they mean to you?

Let’s start with Jacques (Act of Rage). His brother Erik, is my best friend already for 25 years. We went to school together for 15 years. I already know Jacques since he was 4 years old. We grew up together, shared a lot of beautiful moments. At first he joined me to my bookings in the first 3-4 years of Radical Redemption. After that, his own career took off and I couldn’t be more proud of what he achieved in the past years.

Then Niels (Nolz), a relation that started by sharing the stage together. We really match as people, but also musically and creatively. We started to work more closely over the years and in 2017 I asked him if he wanted to join me permanently. His energy is unparalleled, his voice unique. On stage we are a team. I don’t even have to look at him, I know when he will do something and vice versa. We shared ups & downs together and he is one of the people I cherish the most in my life.


9. Short questions.

  • Favourite festival: Radical Redemption Event                                                     
  • Your dream b2b: Radical Redemption & his Orchestra of Eternity b2b Hans Zimmer
  • Favorite artist at the moment: John Williams, he just released the soundtrack for the new Indiana Jones movie. Realize, he is 91 years old. The amount of respect I have for him. This man is just a living legend. Only created musical anthems. Music that will echo through eternity. 
  • A song you can’t get out of your head: Hardwell, Azteck & Alex Hepburn – Anybody Out There

Thank his entire team for granting us this interview, in addition to all the facilities for it. It has been a great pleasure to have Joey here and we hope to be able to enjoy one of his live shows with his orchestra as soon as possible.

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