ID&T and Mojo work on a pilot test at Biddinghuizen and Ziggo Dome

ID&T and Mojo are preparing to conduct several pilot tests at locations such as Biddinghuizden and the Ziggo Dome in the coming months.

Both in the Netherlands, as in other countries on the European continent, they try to show that the music industry is not the main culprit of the increase in infections. After a failed attempt last month, with the holding of these pilot events being postponed due to the increase in infections, the proposal remains in force for ID&T and Mojo. There various scheduled events currently in locations like Biddinghuizen (current location of Defqon.1) or Ziggo Dome (venue for various events in the Amsterdam Dance Event or Don't Let Daddy Know). After speaking with ID&T, who they kindly answered us, the pilot event held in Biddinghuizen will not bear the name of Defqon.1.

New update regarding the holding of pilot tests. They will be held on March 6 and 7 at Ziggo Dome, and March 13 and 14 at Biddinghuizen. In the case of the event held in Biddinghuizen you will have 1500 people capacity. Each of them will be labeled and you will need to present a Negative PCR before and after attending. Once inside, the mask will be mandatory but you will have total freedom inside the enclosure, where you will also find foodtrucks. The festival will begin at 15:00 p.m. and will run until the beginning of the night, as long as there is no curfew.

Given the impossibility of holding large-scale events, this could be the solution for a year that should be the resurgence of festivals and events and that sadly continues on the same path as 2020. As hope, the pilot test carried out in Spain remains , that after hosting 463 attendees in the Apolo Hall, none of them caught the virus. Good luck to both promoters!

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