ID&T stops legal proceedings against the Dutch government

ID&T and more than thirty event organizations initiate legal proceedings against the Dutch government under the new restrictions.

When Netherlands they were beginning to have a break and to regain normal life, reality shook them with an unexpected blow. In recent weeks, a multitude of events have been held, respecting capacity and with negative tests or vaccinated attendees. However, the number of positives per COVID-19 It has increased exponentially. This has prompted the Dutch government to take serious action.

After these new measures in the Netherlands, one of the most important promoters in the industry as ID&T, responsible for events such as Mysteryland, Amsterdam Open Air, Milkshake, Vunzige Deuntjes, Thunderdome, Defqon.1 Weekend Festival, Awakenings, Decibel Outdoor and Masters of Hardcore, announced on July 9 that it will initiate a summary process against the Dutch government. In addition to them, organizations such as Dutch F1 Grand Prix Zandvoort, DGTL and Don't Let Daddy Know, will join them as co-plaintiffs. The Dutch government announced last Friday that at least until 13 August all visitors must be seated and with reduced capacity. Consequently, this leads to many event cancellations. We've already seen forcibly canceled events like Free festival.


The parties do not agree with the recent decision by the Dutch government to categorically ban public events. The united organizers ask the judge in the preliminary redress proceedings for permission to allow public events that meet the conditions of Field lab. These conditions have been developed on the basis of careful research that Field Lab Events carried out earlier this year. In addition, they were also endorsed by the Dutch government.

Ritty van Straalen, CEO of ID&T shares that they are overwhelmed by the support they are receiving in the past few days. The fact that so many parties in the market join them perfectly reflects the impact on the entire public events industry. On the other hand Imre van Leeuwen, Managing Director of the Dutch F1 Zandvoort Grand Prix He adds that as it is a large-scale sporting event, they face a long delivery time and great financial risks. For them it is also inexplicable at the international level not being clear about the conditions of the event three weeks before the celebration.

The parties that have joined the cause are: 24-uurs Solexrace, 4PM Entertainment, A Venue Events, Absolutely Fresh, Apenkooi, Apex Event Productions, BeetjeDansen Events, BZB, Chasing the Hihat, De Wijze Uil, E&A, Elevations Events, Feestfabriek, First Vision, HockeyLoverz, Intents Events, Life Over Future, Minority Events, Nomads, One of the Guys, Par-T, Paaspop, Rebirth Events, Rotterdam Dance Parade, Sensation Events, Sportvibes, Thuishaven Events, Toffler, Trees of Live, UDC, and ZeeZout.

On July 14, the government's widely criticized decision and the problems currently facing the events industry and the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports, were widely debated in the Dutch Parliament, De Jonge, offered to enter into a dialogue with the event industry. Next week the events industry, represented by Alliantie van Evenementenbouwers and Fieldlab, of which ID&T is part, a dialogue will be initiated with the ministers concerned and until then, a pauThe summary will be done. If the dialogue does not result in a viable situation, ID&T summary procedure will continue and force a viable situation through legal action.

Ritty van Straalen thanked the support received from the Dutch Parliament in yesterday's debate and the willingness of Minister De Jonge. They are welcomed by and the parties that joined them and it feels like a first step in the right direction. They hope they can come up with a constructive solution that will allow events to unfold safely as soon as possible.

In next week's dialogue, the main topics to be discussed will be multi-day events with camping; no social distancing. The sector wants predictable and clear conditions for the continuation of events. In addition, the industry is demanding that the government draw up a plan for an airtight system for Testen voor Toegang (Entrance Testing), as soon as possible. So that events and festivals can still be organized safely now and in the future.


In recent talks they have agreed to investigate practical feasibility. It is crucial for the industry to get a perspective on the future, in which they can organize events in a safe and responsible way; short and long term, share Rosanne Janmaat, COO of ID&T.

During the conversation, the parties undertook to develop an airtight system for Testen voor Toegang. The sector stipulates that it is extremely important to receive a clarification in this regard as soon as possible, no later than August 1. In addition, the industry reiterated to the current ministers the importance of rapid decision-making.


Following the dialogue on a sustainable future for the events sector, which took place on Tuesday 20 July between the Dutch government and, among others, ID&T Group, Alliance of Event Builders and Fieldlab Events at the proposal of Minister De Jonge, the government announced today 26 of July that multi-day events with camping will not be allowed until September 1.

Rosanne Janmaat, COO of ID&T Group, shares that they are very disappointed to lose the editions of Mysteryland & Decibel Outdoor for the second year in a row. The teams work hard all year to do everything they can to provide visitors with an incredible experience. However, after consulting with the various government agencies, it turns out that it is logistically unfeasible.

The sector is left with great uncertainty about whether or not events will be held without an overnight stay. Despite the fact that in previous conversations with government representatives it was emphasized that a decision on non-night events was needed as soon as possible; The government announced today that it will not give a definitive answer until August 13. This delay gives irresponsible high risks, the organization of the events that take place in August are in a critical final phase.

Now that the government has indicated that it will only provide clarity on this matter on August 13, the ID&T Group, you feel you have no choice but to continue with preliminary redress procedures to enforce a faster decision. The court has been asked to schedule a hearing as soon as possible.

Based on the results of the events of Field labknow that they can organize events without staying overnight safely and responsibly. It is not an option for them to wait until August 13 to make a decision on events, share Rosanne janmaat.


On July 26, the Dutch government announced that it would expect to give a final decision on the continuation of the events without staying overnight, from August 14 to another three weeks. After a meeting with Alliantie van Evenementenbouwers and the contact between the State Attorney and ID&T Attorneys, the Dutch government announced today that it intends to make a decision on these events on Monday, August 2.

Rosanne Janmaat shares that they are pleased that, along with Alliantie van Evenementenbouwershave been able to convince the government of the need for rapid decision-making for our industry. They assume that the decision to be made on Monday will have a positive result and the events of one day can be held again from 14 August, obviously in a safe and responsible way.

Until the government issues a new decision, the lawsuit filed by ID&T, along with 44 co-plaintiffs. If the government decides to ban non-overnight events until September 1, legal proceedings will follow next week.


Last week, the UNWTO issued a new notice on events and subsequently, the government decided that non-overnight events with more than 750 visitors will not be allowed until September 1, based on the current situation in terms of the number of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations.

On Friday, August 13, a new press conference will be held in which the new decisions will be announced. Restrictions on events may be lifted or adjusted, the prime minister said, Rutte, during the press conference this afternoon. To clear the uncertainty of the organizers, the government has decided that they can choose to make use of the guarantee fund, or wait for possible relaxations, so the events can still take place. If, despite the relaxations, the organizer is still unable to organize the event for practical reasons, the guarantee fund can still be used.

Rosanne Janmaat shares that they are left with unanswered questions, such as what the ability to 750, and what parameters they can use to reopen. Why is it suddenly possible to go on vacation to Europe in droves and not visit a bigger festival in the Netherlands? For the last year and a half, communication from the Dutch government has been that when everyone who wants to get vaccinated gets vaccinated, they would open again. At this stage, it is not clear to them why a decision needs to be made for the period after the September 1, since that is the time when everyone could have been vaccinated. Therefore, a sustainable event policy is lacking.


Following OMT's advice on events issued last week, the Dutch government announced on August 2 that non-located events will not be allowed without an overnight stay with more than 750 visitors until September 1, based on the current situation regarding the number of infections by COVID-19, and hospitalizations.

In response, the lawyer who was helping ID&T contacted the state attorney for advice from OMT, and the substantiation of the decision. Based on these documents, ID&T have been deliberating and, after extensive consultation with the attorney, it has become clear that the summary procedure present, cannot continue.

Rossane Janmaat, shares that they are very disappointed with the outcome of the decision. In them opinion, the events of Field lab, have shown that it is possible to organize events safely and responsibly, however, the government has decided otherwise. Despite this, the lawyers have pointed out that, at this time, given the advice of the OMT, on which Cabinet decisions are based, there is little chance of reversing the decision through a summary process.

The basis for the proposed summary procedure was that the July 9 decision was illegal and negligent, because the Cabinet had not included Fieldlab's results in its decision making. For this reason, ID&T wanted the decision to be reversed in whole or in part. Meanwhile, the Dutch government, together with the OMT, has provided additional justification. Thus, the government, on paper, has reversed its own negligence. Therefore, for a preliminary relief judge, there is hardly any room to correct the government on this.

"We assume that the government will soon take a principled and structural decision, and that we can fully reopen in September. After all, it has always been communicated by the Dutch government that the 'way out' would be when everyone who wants to be vaccinated has been able to do so. If the government lets us dangle again and does not offer a sustainable perspective for the future, we will prepare possible legal actionand perhaps even call on our entire support base of fans, suppliers, artists etc. to mobilize and make themselves heard" shares Rosanne Janmaat.

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