Harmony Of Hardcore celebrates its 15 years

On June 4, 2022, De Roost (NL) will once again host the emblematic Harmony Of Hardcore festival.

After two years without being able to celebrate Harmony Of Hardcore, the promoter Par-T is preparing the 15 º Anniversary of the festival to carry it out next June 4 in De Roost (NL). «The Ultimate Hardcore Feeling» promises to please all hardcore fans with more than 50 artists from the scene.

Harmony Of Hardcore, 15 Years

As in previous editions, the festival will host ten stages in which Hardcore music will prevail, in addition to the subgenres: Frenchcore, Terrorcore, Early Hardcore, Uptempo, Speedcore...



Dr. Peacock, Partyraiser, GPF, Spitnoise, N-Vitral Vs Deadly Guns, Nosferatu, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Andy The Core, Anime, Dither, Never Surrender, Odium, Alee & Anthem Show.


Partyraiser, Sefa, Miss K8, Tha Playah, D-Fence, Cryogenic, Estasia Vs Lady Dammage, Wasted Mind, Bulletproof, Crypton, Bazzy Vs Lunatic, D-Master Vs Madnezz & Tha Watcher.

extreme darkness

The Sickest Squad, Billx, Maissouille, DRS, Barber Vs Juliëx, System Overload Vs Angernoizer, La Casa De Hardcore , Lil Texas, The Dark Horror, Hard Effectz Vs Trespassed, Streiks & Kratchs, Dimitri K. Vs Major Conspiracy, Glitch & MC No-Id.

Millennium Mountain

Neophyte, Art Of Fighters Vs Amnesys, Promo, Negative A, Day-Mar, Headbanger, Buzz Fuzz, The Raver, Sequence & Ominous, Teaser Vs Sjek, Innovative, Affix & Axys.

Oldschool Gangsters

Panic, Darkraver, Tommyknocker, JDA Vs Vince, Bass-D, Potato, Ruffneck Vs Rob & Mc Joe, Marc Acardipane, Ricardo Moreno, Armand Vs Armand, Andy Raw, Mc B & Mc Joe.

Terrorhead by Drokz

Drokz, Akira Vs Bruhze, Execrate, Paranoizer, SRB, Dissoactive Vs Suicide Rage, Hellcreator, The Vizitor, Dj Rhose & Hard Infantry.


Sandy Warez Vs Jimmy Twin, Lunakorpz, Estasia, Detest, Sakyra, Neko, Unicorn On Ketamine, Anhatema, Agressive Noize Vs Simon Says, Chok Dee Vs Illegal Brother, Eddy Hardcore, Rayzen & Frenchfaces.


Akira, Thrasher, Dj Hidden, Dolphin Vs Deathmachine, Tripped, Relapse Vs Al Twisted, Somniac One, Strange Arrival, Adamant Scream & Mc Dart.

Frantic Freak Zone

Frantic Freak, Arjuna, Gabber Syndrome, Lenz, Pdevil, Peckerhead, Sequence & Ominous, Tec-9, Xqruciator & Mc Mic.

We Love Freestyle

Ruthless, Freestyle Maniacs, Pavo, Dr. Rude, Genius, Playboyz, Darkon Inc., Anna Crystal, Yves, Phaselock & Mc Rems.


Tickets to go to Harmony Of Hardcore on sale now. From the official page you can choose between three different types of tickets. Regular tickets are priced at €60, VIP tickets are €80 and the combiticket, which allows entry to Harmony Of Harcore and the 7th Sunday Festival on June 5, 2022, is €98.

To buy tickets and more information you can visit the website of the festival Harmony Of Hardcore.