Guide to attend Qlimax

Guide to attend Qlimax, the most thematic, mystical and long-standing festival of the promoter of hardstyle festivals Q-dance.

Qlimax is a historic brand festival Q-dance. Thematic and mystical in equal parts,it's an experience that you must live if you enter the world of hardstyle. It's located in the Gelredome, stadium of the Dutch club Vitesse, more specifically in the city of Arnhem. 'Disciples', as Qlimax rightly calls its followers, they come together from all over the world. In 2022 it was the most expensive hardstyle stage, costing approximately one million euros. A visual marvel, which still further positions the Q-dance stages as the best in their field.



This last edition has been somewhat strange for the organization, since it wasn't held since 2019. In 2020 there was no option, 2021 was canceled with a week to go, and finally, 2022 was the year that the 'disciples' returned to one of the temples of hardstyle: Gelredome. That is why ticket sales have not been regular. We imagine that in this return to normality, Qlimax will mark 'sold out' again in all your inputs.

The normal ticket cost 94,95 euros, as well as the Premium 161,95. There is not much variety of tickets except what you buy through the flight package. For 2023, the normal ticket is currently at €99,00 and the Premium at €159,95.


Possibly the most expensive in this guide. You must anticipate that prices rise and book flights if possible before September or October. Once the Amsterdam Dance Event occurs, the flights reach approximately 200 euros. We recommend flying to Amsterdam from Barcelona or Madrid, since towards Eindhoven you will have fewer options.

In the last edition, trains from Amsterdam to Arnhem were delayed due to works and, in some cases, workers' strikes. Currently, commuting to the festival from Amsterdam is 1:30 or 2 hours. In the event that you are going to fly back after the festival, we recommend looking for a flight at noon since due to all the problems of the airport itself and the distance from Gelredome you could miss the flight.

Distance between Amsterdam Central & Gelredome

As we talked about flights, the best combination to go to Arnhem is the train Intercity.This train, communicates with the Netherlands, allowing you to travel the entire country in a few hours. For 40 euros, you can go from Amsterdam to Arnhem and vice versa. You can also find buses from various points in the Netherlands directly to the festival through Q-dance and also through Partybuses.


- TIPS -

  • Go early to the festival, the queues are very long and in this past edition, there were people waiting for more than 1 hour to enter.
  • Get in before the curtain falls. It's one of the most epic moments of the festival, since while the first artist performs, the stage isn't visible. Once The Qreator appears, the curtain falls.
  • Lockers are outside the festival, as well as a small merchandising shop. Buy what you want and deposit your personal belongings, keep in mind that to return, you must leave the festival, which is not possible unless you have bought merchandise within the festival.
  • If it's your first year, you must acquire the Gelredome card to be able to buy both drinks and food. There are several ATMs scattered throughout the halls of the festival. It is the only form of payment at the festival and you can save it for next year. Finally, it can be recharged online.
  • Don't wait for the festival schedules, They are never published. It is one of the features of Qlimax. The lineup could help you, since this year they corresponded to the order in which they were announced. In addition, there are surprise performances, such as The Purge, Adjuzt and Cryex. in this last edition.
  • Bathrooms are a big problem at Qlimax, despite how many there are. The lines are quite long, so decide when to go, so you don't miss your favorite artist.
  • Service is minimal, so try not to separate yourself from your group of friends so as not to be left alone at the festival. If you have to communicate, you must go up to the stands.
  • When leaving, move as soon as possible to the shuttles. You will avoid queues, and you will arrive earlier at your destination.
Drink prices in Qlimax 2022

In short, an incredible experience in a place that provides the perfect atmosphere for this type of event. Events like DEDIQATED, where Q-dance celebrated its 20th anniversary, are also held here. For many artists, playing at Qlimax is a dream, and that's why they work on this set for months. 'Priests and Disciples' come together as one, to say goodbye to the Q-dance festival season. Long live Qlimax!

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