Fieldlab to host test events at Ziggo Dome

The Government of the Netherlands will authorize the holding of test events by Fieldlab Events with their respective measurements at the Ziggo Dome.

We are nearing the end of 2020 and the governments of all the countries of the world trust that 2021 and that the vaccine is finally the solution to the virus. One of the governments that has spoken out regarding the return of live events has been the Netherlands.

The government is willing to authorize the holding of test events organized by Field Lab Events en Ziggo Dome. In the first place, for the government to give a green light to these events, there must be a decrease in infections in the country. ID&T y Mojo they will be able to carry out an event each. Field lab will include theaters and other sporting events in the program of these tests. Users will be subject to conditions that they must meet to attend the events that are organized. A negative test will be required 24 hours before the event and quarantine for two weeks after the event ends.

We will continue to report when the government of the Netherlands and Fieldlab announce more details about the events and how it will take place.

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