Fabrik surprises us with two new line ups for its 20th Anniversary

After revealing the poster for the first part of its 20th Anniversary, we have met the artists that we will be able to enjoy next November 18 and December 5.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Fabrik shared with us what would be the poster for one of the first dates to celebrate CODE's 20th Anniversary. A lineup full of important names in the current techno scene and in which we could find very good B2Bs like the one from Nico Moreno and Dyen or Shlomo with Alingment, 4 artists who have been in high demand in recent years by the best electronic music festivals.

Now, it is time to talk about the next two dates, and an extraordinary end of the year is approaching for those faithful followers of CODE. The upcoming dates for November 18 and December 5 surprise us with a wave of world-class and acclaimed artists in the current techno scene.

For the next one November 18th, we can find a lineup full of world-class artists, where there is a clear predominance of the current hard techno scene, without forgetting to mention artists with more experience such as Ben Sims, Oscar Mulero or Sven Väth, 3 DJs with a long history in their careers as DJs who are still highly acclaimed among the most veteran followers of the underground scene.

The icing on the cake goes to performances of the caliber of SNTS, which will offer us an audiovisual show along with those darker sounds to which we are accustomed. Lucid, which is repeated at Fabrik for the second time, is also another of the most acclaimed performances for this date and will be one of the best moments of the night that you cannot miss.

OGUZ, Parfait, Cassie Raptor, Sara Krin or VCL & DXPE They will be in charge of representing the hardest sounds tonight, making it clear that hard techno is here to stay and that it is the current trend of the scene.

Mark the next December 5 on the calendar, because the closure of CODE for 2023 will be worth framing.

The Italians 999999999return to FACTORY to demonstrate why it is one of the duos, (if not the main one) currently most acclaimed by followers of the hardest sounds of the rave scene. klangkuenstler also returns to Fabrik to delight us with a cigar session Schranz, in what will be one of the busiest sessions of the night.

The Spanish Indira Paganotto, you couldn't miss the closing of this anniversary either, that's why your session psy-trance It will not pass by the attendees and promises to be one of the best moments of the night. I Hate Models, the enigmatic French DJ, will also be accompanying the rest of the DJs to offer us a very varied set where we can find from Hard Techno, or Psy Trance, to Frenchcore or Hardcore.

Other DJs like ALT8, Caravel, Cristobal Pesce, Stan Christ, Kozlov or Pauthe Temple They will also be in charge of representing the most rave sounds during the night of the December 5.

The final flourish goes to the confirmation of Richie Hawtin. The veteran British DJ, internationally acclaimed and present at many of the most important festivals in the world, comes to Fabrik to delight us with a incredible live combining minimal or acid styles, in what also promises to be another star moment of the night.

With these two dates, Fabrik once again demonstrates why it is the main electronic music club in Spain, and one of the most acclaimed worldwide. More and more DJs want to return to Fabrik and the atmosphere and the audience in this club are special. We are looking forward to October so we can enjoy with all of you these three dates that FACTORY has organized for all of us. See you in Madrid!