Elrow presents DANCE WITH THE SERPENT, the new theme for their closing party.

Elrow closing party invites you to immerse yourself in the experience, make connections, let go of the old and discover something new.

Like every year, at the end of the Ibizan season, Elrow launches new annual theme in collaboration with a multidisciplinary global artist. For this 2023, the artist chosen to create the theme has been the Austrian nychos, who has designed a new elrow universe inspired by dance movement called «Dance with the Serpent«.

«Dance consists of immersing ourselves in a vibration that makes us happy. And happiness is the state of being that allows us to be in sync with ourselves, our environment and the great power of the Universe.


The next September 30, coinciding with the closing party of Elrow Amnesia, Arnau's global brand debuts with the theme «Dance with the Serpent by artist NYCOS«, an immersion in the fascinating kingdom of snakes. Vibrant creatures displaying unique and complex levels of aesthetics in motion. They can tempt us to go into the dark, the only place where we will truly see the light.

After all, it is the serpent that we encounter as a symbol of healing in many cultures: the serpent entwined around the staff of Asclepius, or Kundalini as the primordial creative force, rising up the spine to reunite with cosmic energy.

If the main objective of the show «DANCE WITH THE SNAKE» is to make you dance, then music will undoubtedly play a crucial role. It will take us on a journey through various soundscapes, creating rhythms and moments that will evolve throughout the party. Get ready to experience the talents of some of the best DJs on the planet!

“We are very happy to release this new song to the world in collaboration with a great and inspiring artist like Nychos. Our intention is to continue breaking molds and evolve our platform towards new universes, embracing in this case the visual panorama of Dance. with the Serpent, which explores the parallels of supposed opposites: animal and human, physical and metaphysical, darkness and light, life and death.

JJuan and Cruz Arnau

The premiere will take place at the iconic club Amnesia Ibiza, with a lineup of talented tech-house artists. On this occasion the guests are Adam Beyer, Bastian Bux, Joris Voorn, Sarah Storyy Toni Varga. If you can't miss this new themed experience of elrow closing party you can get your ticket in the website.