AMAZE: the new audiovisual experience of ID&T in Amsterdam

ID&T takes a new step and unites thirty years of knowledge in a new immersive experience called AMAZE at Elementenstraat, Amsterdam.

After 30 years organizing live music events, ID&T has challenged its creatives to shape this new way of dating. During the last months, the organization of the festival ID&T has worked on an interactive one-hour audiovisual tour in great secrecy. AMAZE opens its doors today in Amsterdam Elementenstraat.

Visitors can experience a «Journey from head to heart», in which they are taken through seven different environments with a total of 3.000 square meters and filled with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. AMAZE combines 30 years of experience in an exciting new way to go out.

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The experience varies from intense, interactive and relaxing as visitors tour AMAZE. The maze is designed to reach visitors on an emotional level. While event visitors are presented with a pre-programmed final show, the visitor AMAZE has influence on the show.

With the slogan "The only way out is inside", the organization hints at escaping the thundering thoughts in our heads by shifting our focus inward. Sensors and cameras record visitor behavior. All of these respond to the various senses with light, sound, video and other special effects, ensuring an effect that is pleasing to the eye.

Irfan van Ewijk, managing director of AMAZE shares that bringing people to ecstasy and allowing them to experience the purest emotions. For 30 years, escaping from reality has been the essence of what they offer. At their parties they divide this into a full day, an evening, or a long weekend. The creators of shows from all over the world, have worked in recent months for visitors to experience this sensation in AMAZE.

Wouter tavecchio, one of the founders of ID&T adds that immersive experiences are the next phase in the evolution of entertainment. For them, AMAZE is the dream step towards this new way of living. In terms of quality, visitors know what to expect from them. It feels very special to put thirty years of show experience and development into just over an hour of entertainment.

The Elementenstraat, where it is located AMAZE, is an industrial nightclub in Amsterdam Westhaven, 10 minutes from the center of Amsterdam. In the 1990s, the place hosted illegal house parties and a lot was already being experimented on on the Elementenstraat. Today, it is home to the organizations behind Mysteryland, Sensation, Thunderdome, Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor. As well as Amsterdam Open Air, Awakenings, Multigroove, Dominator and Vunzige Deuntjes. The Elementenstraat has a 24-hour permit, which means that the parties will be organized within AMAZE.

AMAZE It is suitable for children from 10 years. One ticket costs 26,95 € for older than 18 years and € 13,50 for those under 18. A reduced rate applies during off-peak hours for CJP, student and city cardholders. AMAZE conforms to the guidelines of the RIVM. Visitors can reserve a time slot up to 1 hour before their visit. For more information, access the official page of AMAZE.

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